My Story from the Heart 

When my husband died it felt like a big part of me died, too. I lost the love of my life and the dreams we shared. But that pain helped motivate my own story--moving from heartbreak to breakthrough life. After his death, I wanted to use my gifts to help my widowed sisters and their advisors. 

This purpose became my calling. It began with writing a guidebook for widows. Now it continues in my "encore career" through speaking, writing, mentoring and doing research about widows and their money issues. Below is a draft cover for our newest research, now in progress:Below is a draft cover for our new study, now underway.

Are You Connecting Well with Widows? 

Widows are one of the fastest-growing groups--almost 13 million in the U.S. today. 

Most of these women are charting a new course they didn't want or expect. Many don't feel secure about their money matters either.

It's true that about 70% of widows leave their advisors after their spouse dies. But if a widow feels you understand her and what she needs, she'll stay. Do this right, and you'll attract other widowed clients.

As you serve widows in transiton well, you'll also grow your business. You may freely use resources from my website--giving attribution to my work and not changing my content.

Blessings on your work of assisting my widowed sisters. They need and want your help.

Discounts available for larger orders.

When the time is right, give this guidebook to your widowed clients or friends as a compassionate gift.

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